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Golf Course Scorecard and Golf Tips

We know you will enjoy the challenges that awaits you on this historic and scenic Maine golf course.

1st hole

Hole No. 1 ~ 340 yards ~ Par 4 ~ Generous tee shot, with an approach to a rare, front-to-back sloping green which demands attention. A run-up approach is often a prudent choice as stopping a ball that lands on the green is difficult. A misjudged approach beyond the cup will run down to the lower back level and leave the player with a very difficult up and down. This ancient green also slides off right and left to brush off misdirected shots.

2nd holeHole No. 2 ~ 312 yards ~ Par 4 ~ Hole number 2 is another of the many short par 4’s at Poland Spring. The putting surface is relatively flat, but an approach pulled left from the left-sloping fairway will find a deep bunker and a challenging recovery. A shot long and over the green goes down a steep slope, and likely into the thicket.

GolfHole No. 3 ~ 395 yards ~ Par 4 ~ This can be a difficult medium-length par four. The landing area is blind from the tee, and it is a challenge to find the fairway, which is bordered by some of the most lush rough on the golf course. The hole slopes to the right, and, like the first hole, a run-up approach is often required to get close to the pin. This is the first of many greens where the golfer must take in the general slope of the land to read putts, and might find more break toward the pond to the North than expected

4th holeHole No. 4 ~ 422 yards ~ Par 4 ("The Window") Truly a Signature Hole! This beautiful hole is a must photo op, as well as challenging and unique. With Lower Range Pond as a backdrop, the tee shot descends down a steep and steady slope, lined closely by thick woods, to a fairway sloping to the left. A tee shot should land right of center, or on the right rough line, to end up in the middle. But, the trees to the right grab many shots, and deeper in the woods is out-of-bounds. Tee shots landing left normally kick into the rough, trees, or hazard lining that side of the fairway. The approach, still steadily down the slope, will require one or two less clubs than the yardage indicates, and will run significantly on the front-to-back slope of the first half of the green. The back of the green rises slightly to the back edge, but not as much as it appears from above. This hole is a joy to play!

5th holeHole No. 5 ~ 317 yards ~ Par 4 ~ Very strong birdie opportunity here, with a short approach to a level green. However, fitting the tee shot onto the left-sloping fairway is no guarantee. There are thick trees and OB to the right, and a hazard to the left, and the fairway gets narrower the farther you go. The green is small to accommodate a short approach, and going long is NOT an option, with a severe slope behind the green to out of bounds.

6th green

Hole No. 6 ~ 148 yards ~ Par 3 ~ One of the few holes where water comes into play at Poland Spring. This par 3 is short and downhill over a pond. Another good birdie hole, but the green can be tricky with many subtle breaks.

7thHole No. 7 ~ 385 yards ~ Par 4 ~ Number 7 is an interesting mid-range par four, bending gently to the right, bordering the Lower Range Pond wetland. The tee shot is also challenged by deep fescue and pot bunkers to the left, and the fairway almost never yields a level lie. The approach is partially blind to a relatively benign green, bunkered right and left. The original green for this hole was higher and closer to the 8th tee.

Hole No. 8 ~ 191 yards ~ Par 3 ~ This great par three has one of the most interesting greens you will play! The hole stretches to around 190 yards to a three-tier surface, with the middle section of the green below the front and back. This is a great example of a typical early green, which originally was cut all the way from the front left level near the bunker all the way to the back right mounds. We are planning to reclaim and restore this great putting surface and open up the wonderful and challenging pin positions front left and back right, which have become grown in as rough over the years.

9thHole No. 9 ~ 325yards ~ Par 4 ~ Though this hole measures only 325 yards from the back tee, it plays much longer with the steady uphill slope. Players need an extra club or more on the approach, and most approaches to the front half of the green will roll back off. Distance control is the key to this approach as the front half of the green is severely sloped, but an over-aggressive approach past the pin leaves a super-fast chip or putt back down the slope.

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